I began to play guitar at the age of 12. As I progressed in a self-taught journey through the late ‘60’s and ‘70’s, I began to compose acoustic guitar music. The first song I composed was “Going Home” which was dedicated to the shipmates I had served with during the Vietnam conflict. At this time I started playing 12 string guitar and didn’t really pick up another 6 string until years later. From 1972 through 1990 I had composed more than enough to record two albums. In 2007 my family encouraged me to start recording my music and the rest is history.

Venues played: Tumbleweed Festival, Art in the Park, Art on the Green in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Emerald of Siam in Richland, WA, various wine tasting rooms in Tri-Cities, Love of Junk Festival in Walla Walla, WA, American Legion halls and the Fraternal Order of the Eagles. I have also played at various assisted living centers for senior citizens.

The artists that have most influenced my style of playing are from country music roots. Country music is considered to be the root of all the other styles. Folks ask me why I don’t sing on my recordings and I usually tell them I don’t sing for the same reason Chet Atkins didn’t sing!